What if…

2 min readApr 3, 2024


…when building your world you could scroll through time? Wouldn’t that be useful?

One of the biggest caveats for the way we build fictional worlds is time. The traditional way of doing it is to pick a point in time as the present and have everything before it classed as history. Everything after it is classed as the future and is revealed through the storyline.

But what if you have two or more different storylines happening in your world that take place at different points in time? We can make it even harder by saying that these different storylines are being written by authors at the same ‘real-world’ time. That becomes pretty complex as one storyline might be the history or future of another one. What you’re walking into is a potential minefield, so how can you solve it?

At BackStory we’re coming up with a solution to this problem and we’re really excited about it!

Our fledgling map viewer with time-slider

Our upcoming platform includes a map and events feature for worlds. What’s even cooler is that you the user can scroll through time and see all the changes on the map! Just imagine the potential!

Imagine planning a storyline and being able to see the past, present and future already! Better yet, imagine that you want to create a new storyline but you’re not sure where to start. Simply open up the map and scroll through time until you find an interesting point. Broad-brush events tell you what is happening, and your storyline can fit in nicely with everything going on.

Need to know about the history for your storyline’s ‘present’. Step back in time month-by-month to see what has happened. Need an ending for your storyline? Simply step forward in time month-by-month.

We’re really excited by this great opportunity, and we hope you are too!




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